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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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[beeping] voice: ready. ready. ready. ready. ready. announcer: it can be a little awkward when your friend tells you he's been diagnosed with a mental illness, but what's even more awkward is, if you're not there for him, he's less likely to recover.
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i'm here to help, man, whatever it takes. voice: ready. >> the meeting is called to order. the first item is rollcall. turn off all cellphone and hollywood like to thank -- and we would like to thank sfgov tv. [roll call] commissioners, we have a quorum. discussion of possible action to make direction to the board of
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supervisors. alcoholic beverages special used subdistrict. in your packet is legislation. >> i really do appreciate that. i like to come and present legislation. it might make a minor change to the a alcohol beverage special use district.
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that permits a bowling alleys and trust us to share space. there is no compelling reason to a head at a restaurant and bowling alley from sharing a space. this legislation does not address. in terms of other amendments that could be made, we want to proceed with caution because we want to respect that. we have an opening of the discussions with other businesses, but this legislation doesn't go into the myriad of other issues we have been bringing up. in the meantime, we are excited about the possibility of a neighborhood surveying which is already transit rich and have a lot of families that live in the area. we have a of a lot of families
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that are looking for more businesses that serve their interests. and several youth serving nonprofit organization. the proprietors are san francisco residents that they are women business owners, women small business owners with the track record of starting small businesses. i know that both of the business under are speaking today. the have also been meeting with community-based organizations to partner with the neighborhood and be a welcome fit to the area. we look forward to continuing this work with small businesses to promote economic development. i am open to any questions if there are any. >> think you, supervisor.
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>> i don't have a question, but i think this is great. we need more bowling alleys. i feel like especially in the mission, it will give you something else to do other than hanging out on the street. i think it will be a very positive thing. >> they can talk a little bit about their models, but the bowling alley will be serving adults at the nighttime in the evening. families and youth have already been partnering with youth organizations and can speak in more detail about that. the loss of bowling alleys has really hurt making a the city a family friendly city. >> any other questions? >> thank you for your time and
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consideration. >> we appreciate when we have supervisors come before the small business commission with potential legislation. we appreciate that very much. i want to open it up for public comment. >> please state your name clearly. speaker cards are available at the front table. for those of us on the high tv or internet, we have a public line available for public comment. we will open up public comment. >> my name is summer peterson, i have been a resident of san francisco for 18 years. i like to thank the supervisors
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for their support. we appreciate that they see the value in the new project and we are excited to offer this. i would like to express our gratitude. we really value the worth you do for small businesses in san francisco. this proposed amendment is designed to relieve the logistical burden of the current planning code restrictions. bowling is a game of leisure and we can operate in the same manner as any other alley. thank you. >> any questions? i have a couple of questions, if i may. we have discussed this before as well, and i think my understanding is that part of the objective here is to get over a problem where right now,
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people literally have to physically exit the building and enable them to go into another building where they might be able to have a drink. that is something that we are trying to overcome with this, am i right? >> harris and 8000 sq. ft. warehouse. a majority of that will be the bowling area. it will be able of five restaurants with quality comfort food and a bar serving full bar with spirits. the front area will be the dying and restaurant and bar area. right now, code says that alcohol from the restaurant and bar area is not permitted ha. hollywood somehow, and this is where the logistical issues come in, we would somehow have to stop people from having their beer from the restaurant into
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the bowling area. somebody would probably have to physically be at the entry point i don't think customers understand that very well. we are really just trying to open that up so we can all be under one roof and not stop people. >> other bowling alleys are not like that >> with new competition coming in, we really want to be on an even playing field with all of the other businesses. >> any further public comment?
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>> i have a question about 21 and over after 6:00. you have a full-service restaurant, so can you tell me why it is 21 and over? >> lee ellen a bar currently, i understand how happy hour can be, and with children present, we feel there is a certain time and place for families and for big kids to have fun. so what we really felt like, and we have seen this in the urban areas that have bigger and i live draws, to have a specific time for 21 and up, an early promoter that family time. during the weekend, we can have 12-6 be family bowl. during the week, we are only opening after 5:00 p.m., so it
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is more of the happy hour kind of thing. even though we have the full restaurant, if we have families and children in for dining, how do we kind of control that as we go into 21 and up? we don't want to get into any kind of gray area where they are still in the building, and the bar is open and operating. we really felt that since we were opening in the evening, who have it be a very clean 21 and up. as the supervisor mentioned, we are reaching out to quite a few youth serving on profits in the neighborhood. as the bar is open and people are having happy hour, we can have supervise youth programs taking the advantage of the lanes go for the bar is open and the kids can have fun without
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adults being around. >> i understand because of the dynamic, the business model and the dynamics of the mission are really specific. it has a really specific dynamic regarding alcohol. i would like to go on record as saying that i like to see other bowling alleys opening in the city that our family friendly. i believe the family's control and their parents can have a beer. we have a need for the 16-21 year-old as well. as the city is looking at city policies, a legacy of maybe this model opened up. i understand that they can prescribe why this is happening for this specific business.
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i would like to see a little liberalization and people allowed to have their families around up to, say, 10:00. depending on the neighborhood, obviously. >> if business is really well and we can support opening up earlier, that would also be an option. opening at 5:00 this just a conservative estimate for us with payroll and everything. >> it is great to see the city supporting an innovative and creative business model, investing the success of the business model. i would like to see the city making a corresponding investments. >> any further public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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of pay. this is an action item. can we have a motion for someone? >> i would like to move to support this change for the planning code. >> i would second that. >> we will take roll call on that. >> we have a motion to support recommendations. on that motion. [roll call vote]
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it passes unanimously. >> director? >> that is okay. >> we will move on to item number three, please. >> commissioners, you're a hot item number three, approval of the meeting minutes and exploratory documents. >> motion to approve the june 13 meeting minutes.
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>> i second. >> any objections? motion approved. next item. >> the general public comment. this allows members of the public to comment on matters within the commission's per view and suggesting of future consideration. live also like to remind members of the public that we have a bridge line that opened today. >> any public comment on any matter not of the agenda this evening? >> i am currently being sued for ada access.
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i'm a turn key business. i don't have financial resources, so i have been spending a lot of time. none of which is prudent to me being sued. i am going through a lot of difficulty myself, but what gets me the most is that they are methodically working through my neighborhood right now. another merchant and i are trying to go out tomorrow to get ahead of that. i think you will are sort of aware of this. it is too late for me to stop a lawsuit from going forward. some my current goal is to get the business is the head of the plaintiff. the businesses that i now have no idea about the legal
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obligations or probably what is going on. and provide them with some kind of tools or direction. we have been helping the small business office gather information for people. i would ask you to really move on a coordinated effort to provide resources including inspections and the huge difficulty in figuring out what to do. i am not kidding, one after the other on almost every barrier. businesses need the information of what they need to do, and they need the tools and space to do what is readily achievable. they need to be educated so that going forward, they don't inadvertently cause things to go
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wrong either for this abilities, or themselves. i ask your assistance in moving forward on a plan like that. other merchant and i are going to the state commission. have very little resources to do this. it is an issue for the stake and all of the businesses. i believe implementation needs to be put in place and it needs to be not lawsuit driven, it needs to be real. >> next public comment? any further public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> you're on the item number five, presentation and discussion on new service and support animal regulation and a proposed ordinance regulating service and support for animals.
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we would also like to remind members of the public watching on tv that when public comment is called, you may call 554-9632 to make public comment. >> can hear me ok? i and the deputy director of the mayor's office of disability which primarily deals with issues not related to construction. there is a lot of confusion, and quite a bit of interest from the business owner community about service and support to animals. what is allowed, what are the rights responsibility.
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we have a short power point for use of that we can discuss some of the issues. can we show the power point here? as many of the no, it applies to small businesses that provide services to the public. title 3 covers public accommodation. everybody knows about -- we obviously hurt public comment about the confusion and frustration that it may cause for many business owners. business owners have an obligation to provide equal access of their services by making reasonable modifications. that means in some cases, we get to suspend some rules to provide
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a better access for equal access to a person that needs the suspension of that rule. the service animal provisions are a reasonable modification. many of you may have heard that the ada has come up with new regulations. we call them the 2010 standards. currently, as of march 15, 2011, defines a service animal as a dog that has been individually trained to perform work or do tasks for a person with a disability, and it includes physical, sensory, psychiatric, or other disability. the current standards in 2010
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only defines the animals as a dog and in some cases, a miniature horse. that is only considered a reasonable modification, mean that there is a narrow area that would not accommodate -- the business owner can still say no. that is very different to what we have been accustomed to. the federal standard has substantially narrow the definition of a service animal and keeps creating even more confusion. in addition, i will show you some images. on the top, you see a gentleman with bipolar disorder that has
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been pretty famous in the news. that is the service parrot. the parrot is trained to calm him down by speaking certain messages to him. he has a special backpack to be able to carry that. under the regulations, that animal is no longer allowed in. you see golden retriever, it is an alert dog. that dog has been trained to push a button on the photoperiod that as a service
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machine that has been used traditionally for many years. here you see him -- it is no longer protected under the 2010 regulation. oftentimes when i talk about how miniature horses being allowed under the new regulation is for people that are blind, they can only work for seven or eight years. and can continue working for 30 years.
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[unintelligible] as the breeds of dogs note in the 2010 regulations, there is no restriction on the way, size, or breed of dog. i have a conference of chart for you -- comparative chart for you. under the 1990 regulations, it should have been any animal. regardless of species, size, weight, or breeding. now, it is only dogs of any size and a miniature horses. under the previous regulations, 20 years ago, animals must be under the control of the person
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with a disability and it is a very broad definition of what he meant to be in control. someone can claim that there dog or cat is voice controlled. now, the new rules and standards clarify that dogs or miniature horses must always be harnessed or on a leash when they are in public. the only exception happens when they are not able to hold on. even those cases, it is very rare. all of the additional requirements and inquiries remain the same. the person with a disability is responsible for the care and supervision of the dog, including cleaning up after the dog. if a dog is not house broken or
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behaving properly, the individual with a disability is responsible for that behavior. under the current laws and before, an animal could be excluded only if the owner fails to control the animal. if a dog starts working without interaction and the owner is unable to silence the dog, they can be asked to remove the animal. if the animal is distracting in the usual flow of business, a restaurant, a dog is wandering around begging, that is unacceptable, inappropriate behavior. if the animal as the house broken or otherwise poses a health and safety risk, some
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dogs are not very well kept. the animals are not very well controlled in a public environment. in these types of regulations, despite popular belief, there is no -- even the more it is illegal for an entity to require documentation. the only exception is housing. they can only ask the


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